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Vlad the Angry Viking - iOS Game Source Code


If you’re looking for that one Game Source Code that will fund your Indie Game studio for the rest of the year, check this out.



  • Full Game Template
  • Easy to Reskin Cocos2d Source Code
  • Unlimited Re Skin Potential
  • Includes Follow Along Documentation
  • Endless Game Play
  • Optimized Code & Balanced
  • Ads Installed: Applovin
  • Analytics Installed: GameAnalytics
  • App Promotion, Reviews, Push Notifications, etc: Playhaven
  • Optimized for iOS 8



Ad Networks:

  • AppLovin
  • RevMob


  • GameAnalytics (Free)

 Review Prompts, Cross Promotion & In App Promotions:

  • Playhaven/Upsight (Triggers Already Setup)

 More Features:

  • iOS8 Compatible
  • Free & Pro Versions Included
  • Complete Ready to Use Store
  • In App Purchases (Upgrades + Characters)
  • Analytics (Game Analytics)
  • Ratings Prompt (Playhaven/Upsight)
  • Intersitial Ads (AppLovin)
  • Banner Ads (RevMob)

We made this easy to reskin from the design of code in Cocos2d to the detailed instructions and documentation explaining (how to reskin, setup in app purchases, how to setup ads).

A perfect code for your 1st or 100th reskin using Cocos2d. The opportunities are endless.

  • Included files (full source code, layered PNG art, sprite sheets)



  • Requires Cocos2d
  • Requires XCode (Verison 6.0.1) 
  • Requires Zwoptex for sprite sheets



The project was build with XCode (Version 6.0.1) for iOS SDK 6 or later. Newer versions of XCode should build this project without problems.

Compile warnings can safely be ignored, most of these warnings are coming from the external libraries that we we are using in this source code.

This source code kit allows you to create universal apps for both iPhone and iPad. In addition to the specific customizations below, you’ll also need to change the following:

  • Application Bundle Identifier (Bundle ID)

  • Product Name

  • App Icons and Splash Screens.

    The above is standard for all iOS apps and won’t be detailed here.


    GAME ENGINE FILES: (Levels, Global Data, Sound, Timer, Physics, etc)

    All files for game engine are situated in “core” folder. Here the main classes for building levels (Global data, support classes for sound, timer, physics).

    EXTERNAL LIBRARIES: (Ads, Parsing, JSON, etc)

    All externals libraries are situated in “external” folder. In this folder we place libraries for Ads, parsing JSON, Cosos2d, box2d and etc.


    Every scene is in separate folder:

    Menu scene & IAP:

    This contains all the classes for the game menu. It is located at the start of the game. This is also the location of the classes for the inapppurchases (Only UI)

    Game Scene:
    Here we placed all classes for building gamescene and process user’s input. End level

    This scene is where user can see result of level. This scene appears after hero drops below the

    screen or dies.

    Fish boss scene:

    This scene is for the main boss in game. Other small enemies are situated in game scene.

    Kingdom of Coins scene:

    It is scene where user converts coins to diamonds. This scene appears after player loses level.

    All resources in “Resources” folder

Art should be packed in atlases. Sources of atlases in “Zwoptex” folder. We use 2 packages for art it is “sd” and “hd”. You find there *.zwd files which may by opened by zwoptex (https:// The name of atlasses should be preserved.

The arts are visible in xcode on path “viking/Resources/art”
The main constants of game you can find in DBConstantsApp.h file, DBConstants.h The constants which are responsible for pilar behaviour are in Customization.h file. 

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