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Memory Booster - Ram Booster

App to speed up your phone as well as tablets and to prevent battery drain resolving memory issues.

Demo APK:


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Also provide Memory level status in percentage as well in size in notification bar.

System Information

  1. CPU Info
  2. Device Info
  3. JVM Info
  4. Memory Details
  5. Network Info
  6. Platform Info
  7. Sensor Info
  8. SIM Info 


  1. Customize color theme for used memory as well as free memory.
  2. Customize display unit for memory in Percentage(%) or Size(MB).

Memory Booster (One-tap Quick Boost)

  • Boost memory
  • Enhance Speed
  • Regain free storage
  • Clean junk files

Task Killer

  • Display all the running apps with detailed memory, icon, update time, size
  • Kill the task

Cache Cleaner

  • Clean the cache for all running processes.

Garbage Collector

  • Clean the garbage data(memory) all the running.

Memory Info (RAM, Internal Memory)

  • Total Memory
  • Free Memory
  • Used Memory
  • First of all check documentation guide.
  • Change app AdMob id for banner and interstitial Ads.
  • Change App Package name and Icons.
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