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iOS Poker Pro - Build your own Texas Hold'em


Well here it is! The poker code you've all been waiting for. This is the real deal multiplayer Texas Hold'em poker.

The Pro version of iOS Poker has no table limitations meaning you can have as many players as you can muster play online simultaneously. You also get access to server side source code so you can integrate your own features or improve upon what's already there.

Run your own Texas Hold'em poker empire! Just like VIP Poker, Zinga Poker and Pokerist this source code will put you in the big leagues, and I'm not kidding.

Easily save yourself 6 months of solid programming and if you don't know how to program save yourself the 15 years I've spent getting here.

I am selling this code because now is the right time to be the only one in the world able to do this.

I encourage you to play the versions I have on the App Store and see for yourself what you are buying.

The latest version which you will be purchasing isn't on the App Store yet but includes Facebook Sign ON and Facebook profile pic as your avatar. It also includes a new Win Streak feature that allows a player who wins 3 hands in a row to purchase twice the amount of chips for the same price. It is my theory that this will encourage game play and chip purchases by gamafying the chip purchase process.

I could go on forever about how much I love this code, it's my pride and joy. This aside please note there isn't any documentation aside from installation and setup instructions but you will have my email and I'd be only too happy to get you on your feet and familiar with the code.

Setup is easy, create your MySQL database, upload server side code, link objective c app to server code and you're done.

Comes with all PSD files for artwork used in the game. All artwork is licensed to you.

You will be making money on the App Store straight away ? more so than any other code you?ll find for sale. This is an investment that will make you money daily from in-app chip sales.

This is the real deal ? multiplayer Texas Hold?em Poker.

? Universal app support.

? iPhone 5 is supported.

? iOS 8 ready.

? Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

? Sit?n Go or Tournament play!

? Table talk let?s you chat with other players on your table!

? FREE massive chip bonuses each time you win a Tournament!

? 5 or 9 seat Texas Hold?em tables!

? Fast, Normal or Slow pace tables!

? Beautiful Retina display graphics!

? Real poker for real poker players!

? Facebook Sign in with Facebook profile pic as avatar

? Win streak bonuses (you can purchase double the chips for the same price if you win 3 hands in a row) You can set your own pricing for chips. You can also create as many tables as you like.

? Hi-Lo mini game included.

? Scratch & Win mini game included.

Also included is a bot mechanism that ensures you?re tables aren?t empty when real players want to play.

Current games on the App Store using this code are;

World Poker All Stars (WPAS)

Boss Poker

Boss Poker Series II All Stars *this is the most current version

Big Jackpot Party Poker

World Table Poker - coming soon

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