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How does SourceSale work?

SourceSale allows you to buy royalty-free script, code, graphic, theme and flash from independent authors.

Because files are generally priced quite cheaply we use a system of depositing cash so that you don't need to keep running credit card transactions for each item. This is particularly useful for items priced around $1 where credit card fees would cost up to 50% of the purchase price.

You can find what you need by searching or browsing. For more, see out FAQ on Purchasing.

You can also sell items on SourceSale. Upload script, code, graphic, theme and flash and reap the rewards. For more on selling on SourceSale, see our FAQ on Selling.

How long will it take Support to answer my support ticket?

Support is open everyday.

Support tickets are generally answered within two working days, however complex support tickets may take longer.